Phoenix – Admin Dashboard & WebApp Template


From the creators of Falcon, Falcon React, and Sparrow, the core ThemeWagon team has built Phoenix to surpass all previous experiences. It is designed with a solid experience base of designing UX/UI for over a decade, along with the feedback from thousands of satisfied customers to contain a distilled experience of the team and the best of our designing experiences along with the front-end development with Bootstrap and modern JavaScript. Start with the solid base of Phoenix – not just to look good from the outside but also to have a code base that is solid, performant, and well-documented to modify without much hassle. The clean codes will help you rank higher in search engine results. The theme is built to be fully responsive to all screen sizes and devices, including retina screens, and is cross-browser compatible. In addition to the latest technologies, this template features all modern amenities like a burger menu, dark mode, geolocation, built-in fonts and icons, predefined HTML pages, and more on a meticulously designed layout. This template will surely help you excel in your next admin dashboard project. Enjoy creating with Phoenix!

Key Features:

  • Built on Bootstrap 5
  • CSS3 & HTML5
  • Clean & minimal design
  • Fully Responsive
  • No jQuery dependencies
  • Cross-browser tested & optimized
  • Gulp & Rollup based workflow
  • Compatible with WebPack
  • Modular markup based on Cards & Utility classes
  • W3C-validated HTML pages
  • Dark and Light Modes Enabled
  • 100+ sets of UI Components
  • 35 sets of Plugins
  • Thoughtfully redesigned popular plugins
  • 3 Sets of Icons
  • Cross-browser tested & optimized
  • Lifetime free updates
  • Full-width layouts
  • Modular markup based on Cards & Utility classes
  • Interactive and functional components and pages
  • FontAwesome 6 Icons Fonts Integrated
  • Functional ChartJS, Echarts & Leaflet Maps
  • Figma design file

In the Box:

  • 134 HTML files
  • JavaScript source codes
  • CSS & SCSS source codes
  • All demo images & videos
  • Pug source codes
  • All plugins & libraries
  • Documentation
  • Design Files (Figma)

Library & Plug-ins

  • Echarts
  • Chart.js
  • List.js
  • FontAwesome 6 Icons Fonts
  • Feather Icons
  • Unicons
  • Choices.js
  • Dropzone.js
  • Tinymce
  • Swiper
  • Flatpickr
  • Isotope
  • Dayjs
  • Is.js
  • Lodash